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Marison Guciano in a Live Interview with KOMPAS TV: Using of Wildlife Cub for Photo Prop is a Crime (March 16, 2017)
Posted on 22:56 March 16th, 2017

Using animal cub as photo props is not only dangerous to human lives, but it is also an act of animal cruelty which can be regarded as a crime against wildlife. Deputy Director of the Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group, Marison Guciano, stated this in a special live interview with an Indonesian national TV station, KOMPAS TV, on Thursday afternoon (16th of March 2017).

In relation to the recent incident of a little girl attacked by a tiger cub in East Java, Marison pointed out that a photo session t hat took place with the tiger cub in East Java is not only threatening human safety, but it is also a form of cruelty to wildlife. In order for the photo session with the cub to take place, the cub must be separated from its mother. It is a form of cruelty to wildlife that should be treated as a wildlife crime.

In the interview, Marison firmly urged that the Ministry of Environment and Forestry immediately ban all the attractions and photo sessions with wildlife. Ranging from training to performance, the animals experience negative treatment in the form of beatings, so that they will perform unnatural behaviours which are controlled by fear, pain, and hunger.

According to Marison, there is no element of education at these photo sessions. Almost 100% of animal shows and photo sessions with wild animals are entertainment only, and have no educational value.


Deputy Director of Scorpion Foundation, Marison Guciano says, using of wildlife cub for photo prop is a crime.

In the interview with KOMPAS TV, Marison Guciano insists the government to ban all cruel animal attractions in Indonesia.


Marison Guciano often criticizes the animal cruelty in Indonesia. In a recent workshop in Styles Hotel Jakarta Airport, Marison, who appeared as a resource person  together with Dave Neale from Animals Asia Foundation,  sharply criticized animal cruelty in zoos and wildlife parks in Indonesia.

Photo session with wild animals has no educational value.

Photo session with wild animal is dangerous.

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