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The unfortunate fate of a leopard cat in Rantau Prapat, Sumatra
Posted on 05:17 December 26th, 2017

This three month old Leopard cat was with his mother in a bush near an oil palm plantation in Rantau Prapat when some local people approached them. Looking at the people approaching them, the mother fled but unable to bring her baby with her. The baby was left alone and was captured by local people.

The local people captured and brought this animal home but they did not know how to care for this protected animal. Also, they did not have the ability to buy chicken meat to feed this animal every day. They then decided to release it back to where he was taken. Unfortunately, his mother was not there anymore. 

A local businessman, Jasa Janwar, who was informed of this immediately checked the location and found this animal in a poor condition. Some leaches attached on his body. Jasa Anwar rescued this animal by bringing him to his home in Rantau Prapat about 300 kilometers from the provincial capital of North Sumatra, Medan.

Jasa browsed on the internet to find out any organisation that could help with this animal. He found the Hotline Number of Scorpion Foundation and contacted Scorpion staff. Scorpion Foundation coordinated with Wildlife Authority (BBKSDA) in North Sumatra.

On December 18, 2017, Scorpion and the BBKSDA jointly took this animal in Rantau Prapat and brought to Bodichita Sanctuary in Barumum. “We will return this Clouded leopard back in the wild when ready, “ Darmawan of BKSDA told Scorpion.

Hand-over of the  Leopard cat baby from Mr. Jasa Janwar to BBKSDA was witnessed by Scorpion Foundation team.

This Leopard cat being ready to depart from Rantau Prapat to Barumum.

Jasa Janwar holds this Leopard cat baby for the last time a moment before departing to Barumun.

Jasa Janwar is taking the last photograph of the Leopard.

Ready to depart to Bodichita Sanctuary in Barumun.

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