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Placed in Narrow Cage for a Long Time,  a Tiger is Now Full of Wounds (October 15, 2015)
Posted on 10:50 October 16th, 2015

A seven-year-old male tiger, Giring, gets many wounds on his body because he is placed in a narrow cage at the office of Natural Resources Conservation Centre (BKSDA) in  Bengkulu Province, since six months ago.

BKSDA Bengkulu has assigned a veterinary doctor to cure the tiger.  "This is a regular treatment and medical check up of the tiger. This medical check up is performed to treat wounds before it is getting worst and so that the wounds, which is caused by narrow cage, can recovered quickly" said Acting Head of BKSDA Administration section,  Dervish, Thursday (15/10/2015).

Giring wounded in the back, legs and body because of the small size cage which is only 3 meters x 1.5 meters. Previously Erni Suryanti, of the Conservation Unit, Health and Wildlife Rescue at BKSDA Bengkulu, said Giring, should be immediately released.

Because if is too long in the cage and always interact with human, this wild animal can lose its wild nature. Supposedly, Giring is placed in a larger and more representative cage. However, BKSDA Bengkulu does not have such facilities. Consequently Giring should be locked up for nearly seven months in a narrow cage.

BKSDA head of Bengkulu, Dwi Anggoro Sujianto, revealed he had been instructed to take care of the tiger with a few steps, first move the tiger to Seblat region, North Bengkulu district.

The second alternative, he said, is currently being prepared in coordination with several conservation organizations to enable Giring and an other tiger deposited in Tamling, Lampung, or Safari Park.

BKSDA admitted, they faced refusal of the community when trying to release this tiger. Rejection appeared because of “track record" of Giring which has ever preyed on humans. Giring is a male tiger that entered the BKSDA trap after preying on a rubber farmer in Seluma district in April 2015.

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20151016 Tiger-Giring 01

Source: http://regional.kompas.com/read/2015/10/15/21150861/Lama.Dikurung.di.Kandang.Sempit.Tubuh.Harimau.Ini.Penuh.Luka




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