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SPORC’s Leopard Brigade in Sumatra Confiscates Three Protected Birds (February 25, 2016)
Posted on 22:12 February 25th, 2016

The Leopard Brigade (Brigade Macan Tutul) of Forest Police Rapid Reaction Unit (Satuan Khusus Polisi Kehutanan Reaksi Cepat/ SPORC ) today raided several places in Medan and Deli Serdang to find out protected species in illegal captivity.  The raids resulted in confiscation of 3 protected birds (Brahminy Kite, Black eagle , and Hornbill).

Head of the Leopard Brigade, Hermanto Siallagan, told Scorpion Foundation that the birds confiscated  from Pondok Cabe Swimming Pool in Patumbak, Deli Serdang district of North Sumatra province. The Leopard Brigade still carry out investigation of the case, therefore, the three birds are still placed in the office of Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA)  North Sumatra chapter.

The Leopard Brigade (Brigade Macan Tutul) operate under supervision of BKSDA North Sumatra chapter. This brigade will continue raiding wildlife markets and wildlife illegal captivity every week. Tomorrow, Friday (26th of February), this brigade will have another raiding to wildlife markets jointly with Scorpion Foundation team. 

“Our Minister (Mrs. Siti Nurbaya Bakar) is very concerned with the wildlife, both protected and non-protected species. So, we currently intensify raiding of wildlife in captivity in North Sumatra,”  head of BKSDA North Sumatra Chapter, John Kenedie told Scorpion Foundation Director (Gunung Gea) on Thursday afternoon at the BKSDA office.

John Kenedie added, “Since early January of this year, we have intensified control of wildlife traffic in North Sumatra. We issued and circulated letters to all animal quarantines, a Animal husbandry offices, and all airline companies operating in North Sumatra asking them not to fly any wildlife without proper  document from BKSDA North Sumatra chapter.”

Joko Iswanto, the supervisor of the Leopard Brigade at the BKSDA North Sumatra chapter said;  “In the past, people always brought wildlife to/from North Sumatra with quarantine document  only. We have socialised to all quarantine office that transportation of wildlife must be accompanied by transport document  from BKSDA.Now,  it is more orderly. People who want to send or bring with them wildlife, they must get transport permit from BKSDA. For each document, they pay IDR 35,000. The money goes to government revenue as non-tax revenue.”

The Hornbill confiscated by BKSDA North Sumatra chapter on Thursday, 25th of February 2016. Photo: Scorpion.

Another picture of the Hornbill. Photo: Scorpion.

The Brahminy kite confiscated by BKSDA North Sumatra chapter on Thursday, 25th February 2016. Photo: Scorpion.

Black eagle confiscated Thursday (25/02/16). Photo: Scorpion.

Brahminy kite and Hornbill inside cages in front of BKSDA office. 25th February 2016. Photo: Scorpion.

Brahminy kite when arrived at BKSDA office, Thursday, 25th of February 2016. Photo: Scorpion

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