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Scorpion Insists the Government Reforms Zoo Management in Indonesia (January 24, 2017)
Posted on 23:34 January 24th, 2017

The Minister of Environment and Forestry needs to reform zoo management in Indonesia. This was stated by the Deputy Director of Scorpion Foundation, Marison Guciano, in a press conference in Jakarta today (Tuesday, 24th of January 2017).

Marison Guciano told the media that the case of the bears is just one of many cases of animal welfare in Indonesia. “Up to 90% percent of zoos in Indonesia are not in adequate condition," he stated.

Based on the result of monitoring by Scorpion Foundation, animals in the zoo do not have adequate welfare, and do not receive good treatment.

In addition to bears in Bandung, eagles in Banyuwangi could be another example. "Eagles are confined in narrow cages and do not have perches to stand on and can only walk on the ground like a chicken," he said.

Marison said zoos in Indonesia tend to exploit animals for profit but do not care enough about the welfare of the animals.

"You can see the attractions of riding an elephant. The head elephant is often beaten with iron, forcing it to walk," he said.

The bear case in Bandung is not the first to highlight the issue of poor management of zoos in Indonesia.

Previously, elephant Yani also died in this flower city zoo. Several years ago, a giraffe also died at Surabaya Zoo due to neglect.

"The bear case this time should provide  momentum for the Environment and Forestry Minister to reform the management of the zoo," said Marison Guciano.

"There should be an inventory of zoos in Indonesia. Many zoos are not eligible. The case of elephant Yani then highlighted  the fact that the Bandung Zoo did not have a vet at that time; while having a vet is mandatory according the ministry regulation," he added.

Marison asks zoo managers in Indonesia to be more open to involving  institutions that are working on animal welfare issues.

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