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SCORPION Animal Reading House is Inaugurated in Aceh (September 7, 2018)
Posted on 20:39 September 13th, 2018


Head of Suka Damai village, Syaripuddin, inaugurated an Animal Reading House in Suka Damai village of Aceh Barat Daya district. Starting from this inauguration day, the Animal Reading House is open for daily for school children, and local community to learn about animals.

The reading house was constructed last year. It was planned to fill in the reading house with books and DVD related to animals. However, some books and DVDs are still at the Jakarta Custom office due to some administration procedure.

The inauguration of the Animal Reading House was signed by ribbon cutting by village head Syaripuddin on Friday (7th of September) and was attended by approximately 30 villagers including men, women, and school children.

The books, DVDs, TV Monitor, and DVD players were handed over by Scorpion Representative for Aceh, Sayed Nazran Ahmad, to the village head Syaripuddin in front of local audience.

A Scorpion staff will teach school children/teenagers at the Reading House.

The construction of the Scorpion Reading House is fully funded by the One Animal World, and all its facilities (books, DVDs, TV monitor, DVD player) were purchased with funds from this organisation.

Suka Damai village locates near the Gunung Leuser National Park in Aceh Barat Daya district.

The aim of establishing this Animal Reading House is to raise awareness of Aceh wildlife protection.

Village head of Suka Damai, Syaripuddin while cutting a ribbon signing inauguration of the Animal Reading House.

Hand over of TV monitoring and DVD player for use at the Reading House. Picture (from left) of Village Head, Syaripuddin, and Scorpion Representative in Aceh, Sayed Nazran Ahmad.

Women also participated in the inauguration of the Reading House.

Picture of some of the books which were donated by One Animal World (USA).

Local books about agriculture, fresh water fish farming, etc., were also purchased locally with funds from One Animal World.

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