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Police Closes Down Dog-Wild Boar  Fight in Pacet,  Bandung, West Java (October 25, 2017)
Posted on 16:18 October 25th, 2017

Police of Pacet Subdistrict closed a dog-wild boar fight arena in Pacet Subdistrict, Bandung Regency, West Java province. The arena was closed down due to many complaints from local residents who considered the fight as disturbing.

Police Chief Inspector, Andriyanto said he had an informal meeting with local residents on Friday (20th of October 2017) discussing the activity of dog – wild boar fight which locally known as DUGONG or ADU BAGONG. "We have received statements from many residents which were handed over by head of Cikawao Village via our intelligent section," said Andriyanto when met by Detik.com in Pacet district police office in Bandung regency.

With the statement as evidence of the criticism from the residents, the police officially closed the dog-wild boar arena. If the fight is held again, the police will disband it. "Residents feel restless, especially because of many mosques in the area," he said.

To detikcom, Andriyanto showed a plastic folder containing rejection statements which have been signed by hundreds of residents in Cikawao Village.

Andriyanto added that he had just served as head of district police for a month. During his one month assignment in Pacet, he has never issued a permit to the DUGONG crowd.

DUGONG areas in Cisindang and Cikawao villages in Pacet subdistrict, Bandung regency have been there since two months back. "As long as I am here I have never issued permits for that," he added.

He appealed to the event organisers of DUGONG fights to close the troubling activities. "If it is held again, we will close it," he said.

In addition, Andriyanto appealed to the residents to report any disturbances to security, public order and comfort to subdistrict police at number: 081222225919.

On Monday (23rd of October) Scorpion Foundation, which is also known as The Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group, carried out demonstration in Bandung appealing to governor of West Java to ban DUGONG Fight. Below are some pictures from the demonstration.

A participant of the demonstration holding a banner.

Theatrical performance was held during the demonstration featuring cruel DUGONG fight.

Coordinator of the demonstration,  Marison Guciano (Director of Wildlife Investigation at Scorpion Foundation) speaking to the press in Bandung.

A couple of tourists in Bandung borrowed posters of the demonstration for taking pictures.

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