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Joint Patrol with TOP Car at Dolok Sibual-buali, Batang Toru Ecosystem, Tapanuli, Sumatra (April 11, 2023)
Posted on 19:41 April 12th, 2022

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It was raining lightly that day, some roads were muddy with poor condition.  However, the Scorpion Foundation patrol team, forest police, and local NGO continued to carry out routine patrol. This is because of the enthusiasm of the patrol team members. And thanks to The Orangutan Project (TOP) for donating a four wheel-drive car that made it possible to carry out a scheduled patrol.

The joint patrol was carried out in Aek Sabaon Village, Marancar sub-district, South Tapanuli Regency. This village is located adjacent to Dolok Sibual-buali Nature Reserve in Batang Toru Ecosystem.

This patrol is a routine activity that is carried out in and around the Batang Toru Ecosystem-the habitat of Tapanuli orangutan. The purpose of this patrol was to monitor encroachment or hunting of orangutans in this village area. During this patrol the team discovered no encroachment or illegal hunting but there was a sign that some people still entered the conservation area (Dolok Sibual-buali).

The team also continued to monitor the land that had been planted by the Aek Sabaon community, whether there was any more land that was still actively used by the community. The team did not find land that was still actively used by the community. An area which was previously encroached and was planted had been abandoned by the villagers.

The patrol team consists of 5 members including 2 from the forest police (Edy Supriyono, Ambet P. Harianja), and from the local community (Mahdin Oloan Situmorang), Aris Dedi Daulay from Scorpion Foundation, and Irham Bakti Pasaribu from a local NGO.

Join patrol along the border of Dolok Sibual-buali Nature Reserve in Aek Sabaon village, Marancar, South Tapanuli. 

(Pictures: SCORPION)

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