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Investigation of Wildlife Crimes in Borneo Will Be Intensified (May 17, 2017)
Posted on 18:32 May 17th, 2017

Joint activity of wildlife crime monitoring between Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group and the Security, Prevention and Law Enforcement Agency of Ministry of Environment and Forestry (BPPH-LHK) in Borneo will be intensified. This is one of the conclusions of a discussion between Scorpion Foundation and the BPPH-LHK Borneo in a meeting at the Scorpion Foundation office in Medan on Wednesday (17/05/2017).

In his first visit to the Scorpion office since being appointed as the new Head of BPPH-LHK  in Borneo starting January 2017, Subhan, along with the Scorpion team, reviewed the partnerships of the two organisations over the past year. Two major achievements were made by Scorpion and BPPH-LHK, they are;

1)A joint investigation into the trade of orangutan skulls and a number of other stuffed rare animals in Singkawang, West Kalimantan has resulted in the conviction of a trader Lim Tek Meng. She was sentenced to nine months and ten days in jail, and a fine of IDR 50,000,000 (US$3,700). This case is registered at the Singkawang Court (Reg.  number 137/Pid.Sus-LH/2016/PN Skw)

2)A joint investigation into the pangolin trading syndicate in Pontianak has resulted in conviction of Linawati Siaw in the Pontianak Court. She was sentenced to one year in jail  and a fine of IDR10,000,000 (US$750). (Case reg Number 23/Pid.B/LH/2017/PN Ptk).

Scorpion and BPPH-LHK will continue their partnership and will further intensify the investigation of wildlife crimes in Borneo.

BPPH-LHK Borneo is based in Samarinda (East Kalimantan) but this agency works for all the Indonesian part of Borneo, including the provinces of North Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, West Kalimantan, and South Kalimantan.

From left: Director of Scorpion, Gunung Gea, and Head of BPPH-LHK Borneo, Subhan in Scorpion office Medan on Wednesday (17 May 2017).

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