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Habitat of Tapanuli Orangutan is Destroyed by Unknown People (July 22, 2019)
Posted on 15:10 July 31st, 2019

A team from Resort of Dolok Sipirok Nature Reserve in collaboration with the SCORPION Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group conducted a joint patrol on the border area of ​​Dolok Sipirok Nature Reserve in South Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatra, on Thursday (07-18/2019). In this patrol, the team found illegal logging in the Tapanuli Orangutan habitat in the Sampean Village, Sipirok subdistrict, South Tapanuli.

Some timbers were stolen from this conservation area (Nature Reserve) and were collected on the edge of the Nature Reserve, but the patrol team did not find out who did it. Under direction from the Resort Head of Dolok Sipirok Nature Reserve, Muda Hutabarat, the team destroyed the logs to deter the perpetrators from repeating these actions in future.

"The occurrence of illegal logging in this conservation area is very bad. We did not find the culprit. Therefore, we destroyed the timbers using a chainsaw, " said Muda Hutabarat.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of the SCORPION Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group, Gunung Gea, appealed to the authorities to investigate this case so that the destruction of the Tapanuli Orangutan habitat would not be repeated in the future.

"The Tapanuli Orangutan is the most critically endangered great ape in the world because the population is currently less than 800. The authorities are expected to be able to thoroughly investigate this case to prevent damage to the habitat of Tapanuli Orangutan," Gunung Gea said.

For the last year, the Dolok Sipirok Resort and SCORPION have been active in conducting joint patrols around the CA Dolok Sipirok border to prevent hunting, capture, and illegal trade in Tapanuli Orangutan. Dolok Sipirok is an important part of the Batangtoru Ecosystem area, which is also called Harangan Tapanuli.

The Scorpion Foundation actively works to protect the Tapanuli Orangutan by preventing capturing, keeping, and trading of this very rare great ape. The Scorpion work in Tapanuli is supported by The Orangutan Project (TOP) Australia.

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