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Endless Love for a Macaque (January 22, 2022)
Posted on 14:02 January 22nd, 2022

A husband and wife couple (former owners of a long-tailed macaque, named Koret) visited the Scorpion Foundation office in Medan on Saturday (2022/01/22). They came to meet their former pet,  a macaque, which was taken by the Wildlife Authority (BBKSDA-SU) from their home because of a conflict with local community in Deli Tua, Deli Serdang.

Ismet Hasibuan and his wife Suti Herlina Nasution were at Scorpion's office for 2 hours meeting with Koret. They brought some food such as banana, sweet potatoes, cucumber, cakes, and a box of mineral water. They also donated some money for the macaque.

Ismet told Scorpion that his family had been looking after this animal for ten years. According Ismet, he found this animal  in Tanah Karo when Mount Sinabung erupted 10 years. At that time this animal was still a baby (about two week old).

Both Ismet and Suti Herlina Nasution while in Scorpion's office repeatedly called this monkey "My son". Ismet said that for several years this animal was kept inside his house . "That's why we always shower him and brush his teeth because he was so close to my daughter," Ismet said.

While they were at Scorpion's office his daughter called repeatedly from Borneo asking him to return Koret to their family. "I refused my daughter’s request. Because after receiving an explanation from the KSDA officer that this monkey will live better in the forest but not with human family,“ said Ismet.

Executive Director of Scorpion Foundation, Ali Bangun Gea said that it is better for the community everywhere to avoid keeping macaque as pet because this is a dangerous animal that can attach human anytime.

Meanwhile, Scorpion Veterinary doctor, Icha Novita said, long-tailed macaques are primates that can transmit zoonotic diseases, namely diseases that can be transmitted from humans to animals or vice versa. "Therefore, people should not keep long-tailed macaques as pets, but can hand them over to the local BKSDA offices to be rehabilitated and released back into the wild, " she added.

Koret and Ismet 


Suti Herlina Nasution, Koret, and Ismet.

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