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Close down all illegal wildlife sales in Indonesia. The wildlife belongs in the wild. Indonesian Law No. 5/1990 says: Every person who kill, capture, keep protected species (alive or dead) can be sentenced to five years in jail and fine of IDR100 million (US$7,400.00).
24 NGO’s Insist Indonesian Government Stops the Illegal Trade in Wild Birds (June 18, 2016)
Posted on 01:21 June 20th, 2016

24 Non-Government Bird Protection Organisations (NGOs) from 5 major islands in Indonesia including Java, Sumatra, Bali, Papua, and Maluku on Friday (17th of June 2016) sent a joint letter to the Indonesian Minister of Environment and Forestry to insist the government immediately stops the illegal wild bird trade in Indonesia.

In the letter, the NGOs expressed their concern about the uncontrolled capture, trafficking, and trade of birds in all over Indonesia.

Some of the coalition members, who jointly signed the letters, have monitored wildlife markets in Indonesia and found that the majority of birds brought to bird markets in major cities, were not covered with transportation permit (SATS-DN).  According to the Minister Regulation No. 447 / kpts-II/2003 concerning administration directive of harvest or capture and distribution of the specimens of wild plant and animal species (Article 61) that “All and any activities of domestic commercial distribution shall be covered by Permit for Domestic Transport of Wild Plants and Animals (SATS-DN).

If no immediate action is taken by the government, the coalition of NGOs is very worrying that all Indonesian birds will disappear from the wild. Therefore, the coalition asked the Minister of Environment and Forestry to control the capture, traffic and trade of wild birds in Indonesia.

A signatory of the letter who is a recipient of Goldman Environmental Prize 2014, Rudi Putra (from the Forum for Leuser Conservation/FKL) stated: “Law enforcement is seriously needed to prevent disappearing of wild birds in the Leuser Ecosystem, Sumatra. The illegal bird hunting in this ecosystem is now in an alarming condition.”

“The forest needs birds to disperse plant seeds. The wild birds are so important in the ecosystem. I ask the government stop all illegal hunting, illegal trading and illegal trafficking of wild birds,“ he added.

Another signatory, the Chief Executive Officer of FNPF (Friends of the National Parks Foundation) in Bali, DVM I. Gede Nyoman Bayu Wirayudha said: “Although we have not counted it yet, but the number of wild bird shops in Bali is increasing from year to year, for eg in a small sub-village where we work, Banjar Intara, there was 1 wild bird shop last year, and this year there are 3 shops. The increasing number of birds shop will attract more attention to buy wild birds.”

Another signatory, Chairman of Rimba Satwa Foundation, Zulhusni Syukri stated: “Illegal hunting in Riau province, Sumatra, is now in a worrying condition. Every time I enter forest area in this province, I find illegal bird hunters while the government natural resources conservation agency (BKSDA) officers are not in the forest all the time.”

“From my observation in visiting wildlife markets in various cities in Sumatra such as in the provinces of Riau, West Sumatra, South Sumatra, Jambi, the wild bird markets are also function as the centres for trading of protected animals. You don’t see the animals on display but you can order protected animals to buy in the bird shops,” Zulhusni added.

Chairman of RAPTOR INDONESIA, Asman Adi Purwanto said: “Illegal bird trade in the provinces of Yogyakarta and Central Java are really rampant. The birds in these two provinces come from Sumatra, Borneo, Bali, Maluku, and Sulawesi without transportation permits. Protected birds such as River kingfishers and  Sunbirds are commonly found in these two provinces.”

Director of Scorpion Foundation, Gunung Gea, who also co-signed the letter, stated: “The Ministry of Environment and Forestry should seriously enforce its own regulation no. 447/2003 by strictly ensure all domestic commercial distributions are covered by Permits (SATS-DN).

The members of the coalition consist of: 1)Yayasan Scorpion Indonesia (Bogor), 2)Yayasan Satucita Lestari Indonesia (Langsa, Aceh Timur), 3) Sekretariat Kerjasama Pelestarian Hutan Indonesia/SKEPHI (Jakarta), 4)Konsorsium Pelestarian Hutan Indonesia/KONPHALINDHO (Jakarta), 5)         Papua Bird Club (Papua), 6).Friends of the National Parks Foundation/FNPF (Pulau Bali), 7)Indonesian Species Conservation Programme/ISCP (Deli Serdang), 8)Sumatra Rainforest Institute/SRI (Medan), 9)Lembaga Rakyat Marginal (L-eRM) (Banda Aceh), 10).Sekoci Indoratu (Aceh Barat Daya), 11)          Rimba Satwa Foundation (Duri, Riau), 12)Raptor Indonesia, 13)Pusat Rehabilitasi Satwa Seram (Seram), 14)Yayasan Inisiatif Membangun (Banda Aceh), 15)Kelompok Pengamat Burung “Spirit of South Sumatra” (Palembang), 16).Paguyuban Pengamat Burung Jogja (Yogyakarta), 17)Begawan Foundation, dan 18)KPB “Perenjak” Himakova        , 19)Forum Konservasi Leuser (Langsa, Aceh Timur), 20)Indonesian Friends of the Animals/IFOTA (Jakarta), 21)Yayasan Orangutan Sumatera Lestari – OIC, 22)Hutan Alam dan Lingkungan Aceh (HAKA), 23) Forum Orangutan Aceh (FORA), dan Pesona Tropis Alam Indonesia (PETAI).


Illegal birds on sale in Solo bird market in Central Java province. 16 June 2016. White-eye. (Photo: SCORPION).

Illegal birds on sale in Solo bird market in Central Java province. 16 June 2016. Barn Owl. (Photo: SCORPION)

Illegal birds on sale in Pramuka market-Jakarta. 16 June 2016. (Photo: SCORPION)

Illegal birds on sale in Pramuka market Jakarta. 16 June 2016. (Photo: SCORPION)

Illegal birds on sale in Pasty bird market in Yogyakarta province. 12 June 2016. Barn Owl. (Photo: SCORPION)

Illegal birds on sale in Jambi bird market in Jambi province. 22 May 2016. (Photo: SCORPION)

Illegal birds on sale in Jambi market. 22 May 2016. (Photo: SCORPION)

Illegal bird sale in Solo bird market. 16 June 2016. Yellow-vented Bulbul. (Photo: SCORPION)

Illegal bird sale in Solo bird market. 16 June 2016. Blue-crowned Hanging-parrot. (Photo: SCORPION)

Illegal bird sale in Solo bird market. 16 June 2016. Baby White-vented Myna. (Photo: SCORPION)

Illegal bird on sale in Pasty bird market in Yogyakarta. 12 June 2016. Red-breasted Parakee. (Photo:SCORPION)

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