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BBKSDA in North Sumatra Signs an Agreement with Scorpion  to Eradicate Wildlife Crimes (March 8, 2016)
Posted on 23:33 March 08th, 2016

The Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BBKSDA) in North Sumatra and the Scorpion Foundation today (Tuesday, 8th of March 2016) signed an agreement to eradicate wildlife crimes in the province of North Sumatra.


The cooperation agreement was signed by the Head of North Sumatra BBKSDA, John Kenedie, with the Director of the Scorpion Foundation, Gunung Gea, in BBKSDA office here in Medan.


This cooperation agreement aims to boost efforts to combat illegal hunting and illegal wildlife trade, and supporting law enforcement against violators of wildlife protection regulation. The activities will be conducted in the wildlife markets and in conservation areas in North Sumatra. Monitoring activity of Scorpion Foundation in the last 8 months indicated that Sumatra is one of the major sources of wildlife to wildlife markets in Jakarta. To stop illegal sending of wildlife to Jakarta, Scorpion need collaborative effort with BBKSDA in North Sumatra. As it has been well-known, Leuser Ecosystem in Sumatra is one of the world most important conservation areas where four critically endangered species (orangutan, elephant, rhino, and tiger) can still be found in one place. Part of the Leuser Ecosystem lies in North Sumatra province.

Beside the signing of cooperation agreement with the Scorpion Foundation, in the same event today, the BBKSDA also signed cooperation agreements with four other NGOs namely Indonesian Species Conservation Programme (ISCP), Sumatra Rainforest Institute (SRI), Tindakan Investigasi Memantau Ekosistem (TIME), and Yayasan Orangutan Sumatera Lestari (YOSL) -Orangutan Information Center.


The event was attended by the members of the NGO's and staff of BBKSDA in North Sumatra.

Head of Wildlife Authority in North Sumatra, John Kenedie (left) and Programme Director of Scorpion Foundation, Gunung Gea (right) signing the agreement for eradication of wildlife crimes.

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