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SCORPION: Stop Broadcast of Wildlife Exploitation! (February 28, 2017)
Posted on 04:21 March 01st, 2017

The Scorpion Foundation submitted a request to the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) to appeal to TV stations in Indonesia not to broadcast any reports containing wildlife exploitation. Deputy Director of Scorpion Foundation, Marison Guciano, delivered the request in person to the commissioners of the KPI, in KPI headquarters in Jakarta on 28th of February 2017. In addition to the request letter, Marison also provided some background information about wildlife exploitation in Indonesia to the KPI in a meeting with the KPI commissioners.

Chairperson of the KPI, Mr. Yuliandre Darwis, stated in the meeting with Scorpion that the KPI will review the report from the Scorpion Foundation to find out if any of the TV stations violate the regulations of KPI. He stated, an article o fthe KPI regulation stipulates about excessive exploitation of wildlife. “We will review the report of Scorpion Foundation as soon as possible,” Yuliandre added.

Another Commissioner of the KPI, Ubaidillah, in the meeting with Scorpion, confirmed that the KPI would take action if the KPI found any violation of the regulations.

Marison Guciano told the KPI that broadcast of wildlife exploitation would contribute to society's insensitivity to violence against the wildlife and will teach children to regard animals as mere objects to be used and abused for entertainment.

Marison also said, animal trainers and showmen frequently engaged in negative reinforcement such as whipping and striking the animals, forcing them to perform unnatural tricks and show that animals can only be "controlled" by pain and fear.

Animals for the show are often housed in small and inadequate cages, and they are released from confinement only for a few minutes during their performance and for training sessions. This can have significant negative consequences on behavior and animal welfare.

Globally, according to Marison, we also see a growing number of countries that ban the use of wild animals in shows. Various platforms, including the medium of television, broadcasting wildlife are contrary to the trend that we see throughout the world, where there is concern for animal welfare, and the recognition of the rough techniques used in animal shows that are entirely unacceptable.

Deputy Director/Senior Investigator of Scorpion Foundation, Marison Guciano,  delivering Scorpion Foundation report of animal exploitation in Indonesia to the commissioners of KPI. (Photo: Scorpion)

Scorpion Foundation provides pictures of animal exploitation.

(Photo: Scorpion)

Marison Guciano providing background information of wildlife exploitation in Indonesia to the KPI commissioners in the KPI headquarters in Jakarta.

(Photo: Scorpion)

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