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Forestry Policemen Rescue a Slow Loris from Besitang, North Sumatra (March 4, 2020)
Posted on 03:35 March 05th, 2020

The forestry policemen from the Wildlife Authority (BBKSDA-SU) in partnership with Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group rescued a slow loris from an illegal owner in Sekoci village, Besitang subdistrict of Langkat regency, North Sumatra. A resident of Skoci kept this protected animal at home illegally but when the forestry policemen arrived at his home, he agreed to hand-over his animal to the BBKSDA-SU.

After the rescue, Scorpion and the forestry policemen delivered the animal to an animal Care facility of the BBKSDA-SU in Stabat, Langkat for medical check up. When ready, the slow loris will be released back in the wild. The forestry policemen consisted of Adi Maulana and Muhammad Anshari. They were accompanied by ranger from Scorpion, Suma Broto.

Two students of Forestry Department of Syiah Kuala University Banda Aceh who work as interns at Scorpion Foundation also joined this wildlife rescue mission.

When we asked his comments about the condition of the slow loris from the picture,  Director of Wildlife Preservation Foundation Frantisek Pribrsky MSc., said, "It is always difficult to say anything only from photo but judging by its condition, this animal is definitely suffering from severe malnutrition, and dehydration. This condition is caused by long time overall poor nutrition during the keeping of the animal in captivity.

"The quick action of the Wildlife Authority (BBKSDA-SU) and Scorpion to rescue this animal was absolutely necessary to try to save this animal's life. Now it needs a proper medical check, proper diet and a long time rehabilitation before it can be eventually released back into the wild," Frantisek said.

"Furthermore..." he said, "a proper after-release monitoring will be necessary to save this animal.” 

Hand over of the slow loris from the illegal owner to the BBKSDA-SU. Two students of Forestry Faculty of Syiah Kuala University, Senah Wati (no 1 from right) and Susanti (no 2 from right) also participated in the the rescue mission.

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