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Calls to End the Use of Animals as Photo Props and in Performances (March 10, 2017)
Posted on 17:15 March 10th, 2017

Asia for Animals Coalition insists the Indonesian Minister of Environment and Forestry to end the use of animals as photo props and in performances in zoos and safari parks.


In a letter to the minister, representing international animal welfare and conservation organisations, the Asia for Animals Coalition expressed deep concerns with regards to the use of animals as “photo props” and in  performances in zoos and safari parks in Indonesia.


On the 25th February, footage was circulated of two lion cubs being used as photo props and interacting with a child at Taman Safari Prigen, Pasuruan (East Java). The Asia for Animals Coalition is strongly opposed to such exploitation of animals for entertainment and in recent weeks, there has been mounting media coverage and exposés of the inadequate care and treatment of animals in a number of zoos and safari parks throughout Indonesia. 


"Our member organisations have received an increasing number of complaints from international tourists. The abusive and exploitative treatment of animals used as photo props and in animal performances at these facilities is of concern, given the techniques known to be used to control the animals during training and performances, and given the significant risk this poses to public safety. Asia for Animals Coalition members have witnessed first hand staff at Taman Safari in Bali struggling to control a lion cub being exploited in this way,” the letter said.


The animals used as ‘photo props’ are often orphaned when they are young, housed in small, barren enclosures and released from their confinement only for a few minutes when they are used for photo props and in performances, and discarded when they are less ‘cute’.


Furthermore, the use of wild animals in such a manner also contributes to the desensitisation of society to animal violence as viewers, including young children, are taught to regard animals simply as objects to be used and abused for entertainment. This abusive treatment of animals serves no educational value and also leads to a negative international image of Indonesia, with tourists returning to their home countries reporting cases of animal abuse rather than highlighting the natural beauty and the rich cultural experiences that Indonesia is so famous for.


Globally we are seeing an ever-growing number of countries banning the use of wild animals in performances, with over 50 countries around the world already having passed progressive laws. Indonesia’s on-going support of animal exploitation in the name of entertainment in circuses and shows at zoos and safari parks is therefore in contravention to the trend we are seeing around the world where there is growing concern for animal welfare and recognition of the wholly unacceptable abusive techniques relied on for human-animal interactions and animal performances at such venues.


Whilst we applaud the Indonesian government for their pledge to standardise captive animal care through national regulation to better protect animal welfare, on behalf of our members globally, we appeal for you to join the international movement against the use and abuse of animals in performances and as photo props, and to take strong and immediate action to put an end to this exploitation that poses grave risks to animal welfare and public safety.


“We urge you to work with local and international groups to develop strengthened laws safeguarding animal welfare nationwide, ensuring they serve as venues of education and to promote conservation of wildlife, not animal exploitation and abuse,” the letter stated.


The letter sent on behalf of the following organisations:

1.Animal Guardians

2.Animal People

3.Animals Asia Foundation


5.Blue Cross of India

6.Change for Animals Foundation

7.Elephant Aid International

8.Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations

9.Humane Society International

10.Philippine Animal Welfare Society

11.Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

12.Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Hong Kong

13.Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Sarawak, Malaysia

14.World Animal Protection


The Asia for Animals coalition is supported by the following organisations:

   1.  AAP Rescue Centre for Exotic Animals, NETHERLANDS

2.  Action for Animals in Korea, KOREA

3.  All Life In A Viable Environment, JAPAN

4.  Andhra Pradesh Goshalala Federation, INDIA

5.  Anima, MACAU

6.  Animal Aid Society, INDIA

7.  Animal Defenders International, LONDON

8.  Animal Friends, CROATIA

9.  Animal Friends Niigata, JAPAN

10.  Animal Kingdom Foundation, Inc., PHILIPPINES

11.  Animal Nepal, NEPAL

12.  Animal Nepal.org, NEPAL

13.  Animal Protection Network, SWEDEN

14.  Animal Rights Action Network, IRELAND

15.  Animal Rights Centre Japan, JAPAN

16.  Animal Rights Hawaii, HAWAII

17.  Animals Australia, AUSTRALIA


19.  ARK Animal Refuge Kansai Japan, JAPAN

20.  Australia for Dolphins, AUSTRALIA

21.  Australians for Animals, AUSTRALIA

22.  Bali Animal Welfare Association, INDONESIA

23.  Bali Sea Turtle Society (BSTS), INDONESIA

24.  Behavioural & Environmental Solutions, USA

25.  Beijing Pet Adoption Day 北京领养日, CHINA

26.  Beijing Sunflower Friends of Animal Team  北京市向日葵动物之友志愿者团队, CHINA

27.  Bharatiya Prani Mitra Sangh, Hyderabad, INDIA

28.  Big Cat Rescue,

29.  Big Heart Foundation, RUSSIA

30.  Blue Cross of Hyderabad, INDIA

31.  Blue Cross Youth Seva Sangham - Andhra Pradesh, INDIA

32.  Born Free Foundation, UK

33.  British Hen Welfare Trust, UK

34.  Cat Welfare Society, SINGAPORE

35.  Causes for Animals Ltd, SINGAPORE

36.  Centre for Orangutan Protection, INDONESIA

37.  Cetacean Society International, USA

38.  Changchun 3.10 Shanxiao Fund 长春 3.10 善小基金, CHINA

39.  Changsha Small Animal Protection Association 长沙市小动物保护协会 , CHINA

40.  Chengde Cat Forest  承德猫咪森林流浪猫救助团队, CHINA

41.  Chengdu Home of Love Small Animal Rescue Center 成都市双流县爱之家动物救助中心, CHINA

42.  China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation, CHINA

43.  China Farm Animal Protection Coalition 中国农场动物保护联盟, CHINA

44.  China Journalists Salon for Animal Protection 中国动物保护记者沙龙, CHINA

45.  China Youth Animal Protection Alliance 中国青年动物保护联盟, CHINA

46.  China Zoo Watch, CHINA

47.  Compassion in World Farming, UK

48.  Compassion Unlimited Plus Action, Bangalore, INDIA

49.  Compassion Works International, USA

50.  CPR Environmental Education Centre, INDIA

51.  Dalian VSHINE Protection of Animals SPCA 大连市微善爱护动物协会, CHINA

52.  Darjeeling Animal Shelter, INDIA

53.  Darjeeling Goodwill Animal Shelter (DGAS) 'Trust', INDIA

54.  David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, UK

55.  Djurens Ratt (Animals Right Sweden), SWEDEN

56.  Djurskyddet Sverige (Animal Welfare Sweden), SWEDEN

57.  Dobro Surtse, BULGARIA


59.  Dolphin Project,

60.  Dzivnieku Draugs, LATVIA

61.  EAST, Taiwan, TAIWAN

62.  Egyptian Society of Animal Friends, EGYPT

63.  Elephant Asia Rescue & Survival Foundation, HONG KONG

64.  Elephants DC, USA

65.  ElephantVoices, KENYA

66.  Elsa Nature Conservancy, JAPAN

67.  EMS Foundation, SOUTH AFRICA

68.  Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali - Onlus, ITALY

69.  Environment Films, UK

70.  European Animal Protection Foundation / Europaeische Tierschutzstiftung, SWITZERLAND


72.  Fanciers Nanning Stray Cats 南宁流浪猫论坛, CHINA

73.  Finnish Federation for Animal Welfare Organisations (SEY), FINLAND

74.  For Elephants International, INTERNATIONAL

75.  Four Paws (UK), UK

76.  Four Paws International, INTERNATIONAL

77.  Friendicoes SECA, INDIA

78.  Friends of the Earth Malaysia, MALAYSIA

79.  Fuzhou Aixinyuan Stray Animal Rescue Center 福州爱心缘流浪动物救助中心, CHINA

80.  Fuzhou Small Animal Protection Center  福州小动物保护中心, CHINA

81.  Gansu Green Volunteer Home  甘肃绿色志愿者之家, CHINA

82.  GREY2K USA Worldwide, USA

83.  Greyhound Compassion, UK

84.  Guangdong the Best Volunteer Center 首善广东志愿者中心, CHINA

85.  Guangyuan Boai Animal Protection Center  广元市博爱动物保护中心, CHINA

86.  Guangzhou Cat -Xi Xi Forest 熙熙森林广州猫, CHINA

87.  Hefei Kennel Association Care Center 合肥犬业协会小动物关怀中心, CHINA

88.  Help Animals India, INDIA

89.  Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust, UK

90.  HK Dolphin Conservation Society, HK

91.  Huhhot Angel Guardian 呼和浩特天使守护动物保护公益团队,

92.  Iceland Animal Welfare Foundation, ICELAND

93.  In Defence of Animals, India, INDIA

94.  Indonesian Vegetarian Society, INDONESIA

95.  International Otter Survival Fund, UK

96.  International Primate Protection League, INTERNATIONAL

97.  Jakarta Animal Aid, INDONESIA

98.  Japan Anti-Vivisection Association, JAPAN

99.      JBF India Trust, INDIA

100.  Jeevraksha Animal Welfare Trust, INDIA

101.  Jinan Cattery 济南猫窝, CHINA

102.  Karuna Society for Animals & Nature, INDIA

103.  Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre, NEPAL

104.  Korea Animal Rights Advocate, REPUBLIC OF KOREA

105.  Korean Animal Welfare Association, REPUBLIC OF KOREA

106.  Lanta Animal Welfare, HONG KONG

107.  Lanzhou Street Animal Rescue Station 兰州流浪动物救助站, CHINA

108.  Life Conservationist Association, TAIWAN

109.  Lifelong Animal Protection, HONG KONG

110.  Light of Life Veterinary Clinic, SINGAPORE

111.  Love Wildlife Foundation, THAILAND

112.  Lucky Cats 幸运土猫志愿者团体, CHINA

113.  Marine Connection, UK

114.  MelbournDolphin, AUSTRALIA

115.  moonbears.org, KOREA

116.  Nanchang Small Animal Protection Association  南昌小动物保护协会, CHINA

117.  Nanjing Ping An A Fu Stray Animal Rescue Association 南京平安阿福流浪动物救助会, CHINA

118.  National Council of SPCAs, SOUTH AFRICA

119.  Navale Consulting Group, INDIA

120.  No Whales In Captivity, USA

121.  Orangutan Aid, HONG KONG

122.  Otara Foundation, SRI LANKA

123.  Palawan Animal Welfare Association, PHILIPINNES

124.  People For Animals, INDIA

125.  People For Animals - Chennai, INDIA

126.  People For Animals - Hooghly, INDIA

127.  People For Animals - Pune Unit, INDIA

128.  Performing Animal Welfare Society, USA

129.  Pet Orphans Home 汪汪喵呜孤儿院, CHINA

130.  PETA Asia 亚洲善待动物组织, HONG KONG

131.  Phangan Animal Care, THAILAND

132.  Plant & Animal Welfare Society, INDIA

133.  ProWildlife e.V., GERMANY

134.  Qingdao Society for the Protection of Animals 青岛爱护动物协会, CHINA

135.  RAKSHA - Voice of the Voiceless, INDIA

136.  Rattle the Cage Productions, THAILAND

137.  reEarth, BAHAMAS

138.  Royal Veterinary College, University of London, Hong Kong, HONG KONG

139.  Sahabat Alam (Friends of the Earth) Malaysia, MALAYSIA

140.  Sahayog Organisation, Andhra Pradesh Goshalala Federation, Hyderabad, INDIA

141.  SAI (Save Animals Initiative) Sanctuary Trust, INDIA

142.  Sanctuary for Health & Reconnection to Animals & Nature, INDIA

143.  Save Africa's Elephants, AFRICA

144.  Shandong Yantai Caring Street Animals Rescue Shelter 山东省烟台市爱心流浪动物救助收容 中心, CHINA

145.  Showing Animals Respect and Kindness,

146.  Sichuan Qiming Companion Animal Protection Center 四川省启明小动物保护中心, CHINA

147.  SJZ One Meter More Love stray cats rescue group 石家庄一米爱流浪猫救助团队, CHINA

148.  Society for Animal Welfare and Management, NEPAL

149.  Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - AWBI, INDIA

150.  Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - Penang, PENANG

151.  Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - Selangor, MALAYSIA

152.  Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Xiangzhou, Zhuhai) 珠海市香洲区爱护动物 协会, CHINA

153.  Soi Dog Foundation, THAILAND

154.  Stiftung fuer Baeren / Foundation for Bears, SWITZERLAND

155.  Stray Relief and Animal Welfare, INDIA

156.  Sun Bear Centre - Kalimantan, INDONESIA

157.  Swiss Animal Protection SAP / Schweizer Tierschutz STS / Protection Suisse des Animaux PSA  , SWITZERLAND

158.  Taiwan SPCA 台灣防止虐待動物協會, TAIWAN

159.  Thai Fund for Elephant Foundation, THAILAND

160.  THANE Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, INDIA

161.  The Cattitude Trust - Chennai, INDIA


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